It all started with a fun discussion as always with a bunch of fellows Hurairah, Arshamn talking about UET, then Rabiya jumping in and everyone stopped discussing study things because she doesn’t like that topic much that was a funny moment. Ateka sharing stories. …

This one picture reminds me of my first 2 weeks of fellowship. In which I identified the values important to me.

“It’s our Values that Ground us to who we are and who we aspire to be” Tara Loyd

6 Values important to me

1: Faith: This is one of…

We do better in life when seeing adversity as an opportunity

When I started this fellowship 3 months 🔙. I was not much used to 🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♂️ we put in here for the PW’s and courses and I was ☹️. As the fellowship was going on in full swing I was learning new things daily and was also developing myself professionally.

One 🌞 I 🗯️ that all this learning will definitely help me in the coming 📅. It is difficult but if I see it as an opportunity to learn new things rather than taking it as an obligation and waste my time it can be converted into a fun and along with an activity full of learning.

Now, I 🤩 doing it. 😊

To be honest, the time I sate for thinking of and reflecting on our fellowship. I recalled a lot of activities we did together, discussions, courses, etc that seriously have impacted my life. …



Till now we have received 18 Resumes of students from different cities and universities of Pakistan and 14 of them have already received their feedback till now. We developed a strategy to schedule resume on the basis of first come first serve to avoid any chaos and it went very…

Groom Your Resume Logo and Slogan

Problem Statement

University students who are seeking jobs/internships feel difficulty in building their CV/Resume which is the first and the most important step towards their selection. So, these students are clearly in need of some professional assistance for a successful landing in their dream careers.

Target Audience

Our target market is a very small…

1st poster for Awareness

Experience in collecting Funds:

Collecting donations for the cause of helping the needy is always a source of inner satisfaction and happiness for everyone because someone is being helped or benefited from your efforts or existence which is a kind of the purpose of life also for many. But it isn’t an easy task…

By Francesco Cirillo

“Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro Technique” what comes to your mind when you listen this phrase for the very first time? Most of you might think of that it can be a possible way or technique to eat frog hahaha. …

Problem Statement:

Unfortunately, the stigma attached to mental health and the expense related to counselling by psychologists and psychiatrists prevents people from getting help.

60 Second Problem Pitch:

World Health Organization states that there are 3729 outpatient mental health facilities available in Pakistan, of which 1% is for children and adolescents only. These facilities treat 343.34…

How did I find the 5 tips?

These 5 tips for developing a growth Mind-set

1. Self-Talk

2. Get out of your comfort zone

3. Create new habit

4. Ask people help

5. Fake it till you make it

I found all of these 5 tips very practical and if…

Yasir Jibran

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