It all started with a fun discussion as always with a bunch of fellows Hurairah, Arshamn talking about UET, then Rabiya jumping in and everyone stopped discussing study things because she doesn’t like that topic much that was a funny moment. Ateka sharing stories. Then, Sir Saim jumping in asking your time is over, and let’s just begin the session formally.

It’s very important to connect with the people to have a deeper and long-lasting relationship and to understand their feelings. So, every session had some interesting activities that were a source of building connections. This one also had some which include, Antakshiri played between Girls and boys. The fun part was when Mam Sahar switched her team as boys were winning, then Aqib making his own lyrics, and Falak making the session awesome with his beautiful voice and an amazing selection of songs. So, that activity was an ice breaker kind of thing. It also exposed some of the brilliant talents of our batch like, Aqib, Rabiya, Falak, and Maham.

Social Media sites are a great source of being connected virtually. As, most of us share updates on these platforms, like our achievements, etc. So, firstly through social media. Then we are also planning to have meetups every month or 2. Yesterday was our first meetup and we enjoyed it a lot every single one is special and has unique traits, behaviors, and personalities. Alina and Momina being the chill ones, then Hurairah being the one who is speaking his heart out, Aqib the smart one, and some common traits among all of them were humility, humbleness, pleasing, etc which made the meetup more fun and memorable. I hope this bond stays the same and we stay connected for the rest of our lives.

Everything I learned in Amal helped me in my professional grooming. From Life Maps to Values identification, from feedbacks to Amal Values, from mock interviews to 1 on 1 session, from weekly discussions to PW’s, from mock presentations to final presentations. Every single thing groomed me into the person I am right now. Amal Values are one of the most important things that helped me in every stage of my life from Kam Kam Kam to Amal, from Khudi to Ek or Ek gyarah. These will be a source of guidance for me for the rest of my life. Yeah, and my notes from online courses had also helped me a lot in my interview preparation especially that passenger series.

Thank you to every single fellow of batch 178 for being so nice and amazing. We made a lot of memories together. You people will always stay very close to my heart. Most importantly Thank you to Mam Sahar for being a very supportive kind of teacher and a mentor too who always tried her best for our professional grooming. Thank you Mam for your advice on my Internship selection which made it very easy for me to make a decision. Thank you Sir Saim for being a great facilitator your dedication was also an inspiration to us. I felt sometimes that I am talking to my big brother. Thank you for that help of yours in my Personal Statement. Thank you everyone joining Amal Academy was one of the best decisions of my life.